Shoo-Kitty Anti-Scratch Furniture Protectant
Shoo-Kitty Anti-Scratch Furniture Protectant Stops Cats Scratching InstantlyA Scent from Nature..
Shoo-Kitty Fabric Furniture Tape
Shoo-Kitty Fabric Furniture Tape The 1st step in protecting fabrics from destructive scratching..
Natural Cedar Scratching Post
 Shoo-Kitty Lifetime Natural Cedar Scratching Post  The soft feel & smell of real tree..
Electrical Wire Shields
 Shoo-Kitty Electrical Wire Shields  The clean safe non toxic way keep kitties from chewin..
Feline Odor Neutralizer F.O.N 8oz.
F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer 8oz. Spray  The safe Eco friendly and biodegradable stain remove..
Feline Odor Neutralizer 32 oz. Refill
F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer 32 oz. Refill The economical way to keep you home satin & od..
The Cat Who Cried for Help
The Cat Who Cried for Help Attitudes, Emotions, and the Psychology of Cats By Dr. Nicholas Dodm..
Cat vs. Cat
Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat. By Pam Johnson-Bennett, Certified Feline Behavio..
Think Like a Cat
Think Like a Cat.  How to raise a well—adjusted cat—not a sour-puss.  By Pam Johnson-Benne..
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