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Electrical Wire Shields: Priced /ft

Electrical Wire Shields: Priced /ft

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Shoo-Kitty Electrical Wire Shields

The clean safe non toxic way keep kitties from chewing wires


  • Safe & Non Toxic
  • FDA & USDA Pre-split beverage grade clear tubing
  • Prevents shocks, electrocution and death
  • Prevents electrical shorts that can cause fire
  • Protects electrical, audio, computer wires
  • Prevents expensive equipment replacement
  • A full 1/16” inch thick wall kitties can’t chew through
  • Buy only what you need
  • Doesn’t stink
  • Made in the USA


SK-Electrical Wire Shields Pricing

SK-16.............$0.62 ft

SK-14.............$0.82 ft

SK-10.............$0.99 ft


Guards kitties from electrocution, and your home from fire 24/7.

Just measure and buy what you need. The pre-split odorless shields,

slip over any electrical cord, or audio cable, quickly, and easily.


Measuring & Ordering Guide

Notice: Measure twice order once!

Make sure of length and wire size before ordering.

SK-16…….Use with 22,20,18,16 gauge wire

Examples: 2 prong plug light duty wire, lamp wire,

extension cords, phone, charging, USB, CATV, RG6, computer wire & speaker wire.

SK-14.......Use with 14, 12, 14/3 & 12/3 gauge wire

Examples: 3 prong plug heavy duty wire, surge protectors, construction extension cords, tools, flat non metallic wire, printers, computers, room air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and the like.

SK-10.......Use with 10, 8, and 6 gauge wire

Examples: Heavy duty professional audio/video, speaker wire, 230volt heavy duty room air conditioners.

FIRE DANGER: DO NOT apply Shoo-Kitty electrical wire shields over; split, cracked, chewed, or wire that’s compromised in any way. Replace damaged wire with new wire, then shield with Shoo-Kitty electric wire shields.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bobby M

Thank you Shoo-kitty. I've Benn through 5 HDMI cables, two extension cords & 3 lamp cords. No more! Oscar chomps but can't bite through. Awesome! We're both very very happy Cheers!

Customer review

We have many devices in our house as well as our usual electronics that have wires our cats can access. We even had to throw out some of the electronics we owned because the wires were chewed, and it became dangerous. We tried out these wire shields and at the affordable price, we were able to protect all of our electronics and our cats! These shields really are a great idea.

Customer review

Another great product from you guys! The wire shields are great! No more chewing my printer wires, thanks again Shoo-Kitty, I have a happy office now! A great find....., check it out people!