What Makes Shoo-kitty So Different

What Makes Our Anti-Scratch Furniture Protectant So Different?

Simon & Iris & Iris's Shoo-Kitty Anti-Scratch Furniture Protectant

Shoo-Kitty: Your New Best Friend


A scent from nature kitties instinctually dislike


  • It’s natural beeswax                                     
  • Absolutely No Chemicals
  • USDA & FDA food grade
  • One application lasts for weeks                                                
  • Safe for humans & kitties of all ages
  • Safe for all wood finishes and antiques
  • Safe for woodwork, painted surfaces, glass, metal, and most household surfaces
  • Use with Shoo-Kitty Fabric Furniture Tape to protect all your fabrics


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Shoo-Kitty's Nature's Way Training Method

End Destruction—Adopt a kitty—Save Claws