Our Purpose

Helping Humans & Kitties to Live Together in Peace & Harmony

Destructive scratching behavior from kitties destroys homes and tests the limits of human love and patience, keeping us from living together in peace and harmony.


Simon and Iris’s Shoo-Kitty Anti-Scratch Furniture Protectant and Shoo-Kitty’s Nature’s Way Training Method were invented out of love for humans & kitties, to introduce a new and exciting technology that can help end destructive scratching, climbing, and chewing behavior, peacefully and naturally.


Shoo-Kitty's success comes from using a kitty’s own natural instincts, habits, and keen sense of smell, without the use of any chemicals.


Simon & Iris’s Shoo-Kitty Products

Shoo-Kitty’s Natures Way Training Method

End Destruction—Adopt a Kitty—Save Claws