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Natural Cedar Scratching Post

Natural Cedar Scratching Post

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Shoo-Kitty Lifetime Natural Cedar Scratching Post

The soft feel & smell of real trees kitties love to scratch!



  • Soft Northern White Cedar and White Pine
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Chemical free
  • Lasts for generations of kitties
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Padded base for polished floors
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Made in USA

Shoo-Kitty's Natural Cedar Scratching Post Sizes

SK-28.............28"x 4" Tall Post x 24" x 1" Round Base

SK-36.............36"x 4" Tall Post x 24" x 1" Round Base

Sk-48.............48"x 4" Tall Post x 24" x 1" Round Base


The last scratching post you’ll ever have to buy.

Sets up in minutes with a 9/16" socket wrench.

Post & base are shipped in one box.


1. Stand post on end with the pre drilled hole facing upward.

2. Take base with padding facing upward and center over hole on post.

3. Insert lag bolt through hole on the base into post and hand tighten.

4. Take wrench and tighten until secure. Do not over tighten!

Notice: All models come with a hefty 1" inch thick natural soft pine round base, with a 4" inch round Natural Eastern White Cedar Scratching Post. All our posts are real trees, farmed trees. Trees are imperfect by nature, each post is unique unto itself, no two are alike, they have cracks, knots, slight variations, and split while drying out. Kitties prefer their trees this way. The Shoo-Kitty prototype post is 20 years old, and still going strong, scratched daily by the 2nd generation of kitties.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mike & Cathy

Mike & Cathy on Jul 12, 2017
Shoo-Kitty: I had to get back on your site and write this review. Hello to all cat lovers, anyone thinking of buying this post, do it! Hands down, this post is awesome! As advertised people. I put it together in minutes, while our cats played in the box. Set it up, took them about a week of sniffing and rubbing, putting their scent on it, now, they go to town on it! The post is easy to clean move around and all the shavings fall right on the base, I hit it up with the vacuum, 2 seconds, done! Grab the post from the top tilt and roll, (one hand) vac right underneath it in seconds, done! We've had it a month now, barely even shows signs of wear. Thanks Shoo-Kitty, well done! We are soooo pleased. Don't waste your money on carpeted or sisal posts people!

Great Post!


What a great post. Bear loves it and uses it constantly. My son put it together in two minutes and has been on our hardwood floors for a year now with no issues. They're Worth every penny people. A definite buy.

Thanks again,


casey K
Great Post

Thank you Soo-Kitty for reaching out to us on how our cats like their post. Sorry, I should have written this sooner. Our cats love their post. It's under a constant barrage of scratching for 1 1/2 years now by our three cats, and I can see now that it actually will last a lifetime. My fav part is all the shavings fall on the base for easey clean-up. And I also understand why you didn't put a finish on the base it would be trashed cause the cats dig in with their hind claws too. My husband took the base outside hit it with electric sander with # 60 sandpaper for two minutes and it looks new. Thank you, great post! You saved us a chunk of cash not having to replace posts year after year. Hope this helps others considering your posts. I highly recomend.

Sarron & Mike

I'm writing this to let others cat lovers know that there is hope. Woodwork, French door, & my husbands recliner have been saved! I wish I found this site sooner. I bought all three as instructed, my husband replaced all the damaged woodwork; we bought it, applied it, & set up their post, Done! 6 months still going strong. God Bless you shoo-kitty! Thank you!

Jerry Y
Beefy Post

I'm impressed! This post is solid & sturdy. George & Gracey are my two wild & crazy cats they play rough and haven't been able to topple this post (2mo now). I've been through 3 posts in their lifetime (7yrs) ALL JUNK! Simon & iris must be the same as my cats, wild! Thanks a million!