End Destructive Scratching

Take Simon & Iris's Shoo-Kitty Challenge

 3 Easy Steps to Peace & Harmony

 1st—Buy it

  • Anti-Scratch Furniture Protectant
  • Fabric Furniture Tape
  • Lifetime Natural Cedar Scratching Post                                           
  • Electrical Wire Shields



2nd—Put it to Work

  • Apply Shoo-Kitty
  • Everywhere kitty’s scratching
  • Set up our lifetime natural cedar scratching posts                             
  • Encourage its use daily
  • Kitty dislikes the Shoo-kitty Scent
  • They stay away—ALL BY THEMSELVES!



3rd—Experience the Joy

  • 24/7 Protection
  • Kitties stop scratching furniture
  • Stop climbing draperies                                                                                          
  • Stop scarring woodwork
  • Stop chewing electrical wires

 Only happy kitties having fun!

Showing off, scratching their posts!

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