What is Shoo-Kitty Training Method

What is Shoo-Kitty's Nature’s Way Training Method?

In nature, kitties repeatedly scratch the same trees spreading scent to mark their territory.

Simon & Iris’s Shoo-Kitty’s Nature’s Way Training Method works the same way, using and redirecting a kitty’s natural instincts and keen sense of smell.

Shoo-Kitty: a scent from nature kitties instinctually dislike!

  • Apply it where kitty scratches                                               
  • Kitty takes a sniff
  • Dislikes the scent
  • Kitty's natural instincts kick in




Kitty Will Not Scratch There Again—Now it’s Your Territory!

Set up our Lifetime Natural Cedar Scratching Post.

  • A real tree
  • Soft natural cedar
  • Kitties love to scratch
  • Place close to where kitty scratches                                  
  • Kitty's natural instincts kick in
  • Now it’s their territory
  • Your kitty does all the work!
  • The battle for territory is over!




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