Promoting Adoption

  • Many are afraid to adopt a kitty
  • Many refuse to adopt a kitty         
  • Because of destructive scratching
  • Climbing and chewing behavior
  • Closing the door on the adoption option




Simon & Iris’s Shoo-Kitty Products and Natures Way Training Method

is on guard protecting your home and belongings from destructive

scratching behavior.


Take Simon & Iris’s Shoo-Kitty Challenge & Put it to Work


  • No scratched woodwork
  • No shredded furniture                                                  
  • No climbing draperies
  • No chewed wires
  • No worries
  • Adopt that kitty you’ve always wanted


Maybe Two or Even Three Kitties?

Simon & Iris’s Shoo-Kitty Products

Shoo-Kitty’s Natures Way Training Method

End Destruction—Adopt a Kitty— Save Claws