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F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer 32 oz. Refill

 The economical way to keep you home satin & odor free



  • The safe biodegradable odor neutralizer
  • Will not stain
  • Safe for humans and kitties                                                 
  • Removes odors does not mask them 
  • Breaks down and removes urine and fecal stains
  • Eliminates the odor from the source
  • Use on fabrics, rugs, furniture, and litter boxes
  • Eliminates Tomcat spray!
  • Handy 32oz. refill


Spray F.O.N on stained area, after 3-5minutes blot with paper towel. F.O.N will not stain. The use of vinegar or ammonia prior to using F.O.N will greatly diminish it's ability to work properly. F.O.N neutralizes and cleans simultaneously.

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